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Recommendations for vessel’s captains that navigate the Main Navigation Waterway Santa Fé – Ocean

As a consequence of the unprecedented ebb that continues affecting the Cuenca del Plata and, especially, the navigation of the rivers Paraná Medio, Paraná Inferior, Paraná de las Palmas and Río de la Plata, the Argentinian Coast Guard advises the captains and pilots on the potential risks that the omission of the safety rules established on Ordinance N° 04/18 (DPSN) “Particular Rules of Safety Navigation for the River and Maritime Areas of National Jurisdiction” may pose to navigation safety, environmental protection, vessels’ flow and operative integrity of the main waterway.

In that sense and to be able to comply with the cargo previsions and its transport in a safe and effective manner through the main navigation system, it is crucial to respect the established minimum safety margin under the keel (MSBQ) of 0,60 meters during the hole trip. For this, when estimating the maximum drafts, it must be taken into consideration the progressive effects that influence its determination, especially the vessel’s speed during navigation on channels and restricted waters areas.

Additionally, this Maritime Authority suggests to the vessels’ captains to inform the pilots the details of the information related to the maneuver and the trip plan, including the measures for monitoring the progress and the vessel’s situation during the execution of said plan, in order to get  proper advice and so the pilots can comply with the laws and guidelines that regulate their professional practice.