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Vessels With Left-Handed Propeller System Must Request Tugboat Assistance For Mooring or Undocking at Timbúes Port, San Martín – San Lorenzo

Recently, San Lorenzo Coast Guard has reported that, due to navigation safety and environment protection issues, those vessels that count with left-handed propeller system, from now on, must request the assistance of a tugboat for mooring and undocking maneuvers.

Vessels that have left-handed propeller —left-handed fixed pitch propeller or right-handed variable pitch propeller— present an evolutionary trend that makes that, when it is engine astern, its fore falls to portside, so the maneuver to starboard cannot be done in the traditional way. This condition hinders departure.

If a vessel with these characteristics shows up, the maritime agency representing it must request to San Lorenzo Coast Guard the addition of a tugboat with enough power to carry out the aforementioned maneuvers.

These maneuvers involve vessels that are moored, have to begin navigation by the main waterway or go to moor to another port terminal. Thus excluding ships with transverse propeller system.