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Changes in regulation for declaration of store and crew personal effects lists upon arrival to argentinean waters.

By Alejandra Moreno

The Federal Administration of Public Income (AFIP in its Spanish acronym) has changed the form to submit the Store List and Crew Personal Effects into a clearer, easier and simpler way of submitting this information.

As we have informed previously in our Newsletters and our Guidance Papers which are usually distributed to Owners/Charterers calling Argentinean Ports, for several years there were issues with misdeclaration of store lists which resulted in fines and LOUs issuance.

In order to simplify the way in which the store lists and crew personal effects lists are submitted when calling Argentinean Ports, Customs has issued a new Resolution N° 4317 which affects cruise ships and cargo vessels  from national or foreign flag upon their arrival to Customs Territory with the aim of facilitating its submission.

Basically, this resolution sets forth general rules for the store list and crew personal effect list submission and the approval of the following forms to be used as from its publication in the Official Gazette:

– Form OM 1645 “Ship’s Store Declaration”

– Form OM 1646 “Store List Deck”

– Form OM1647 “Engine”

– Form OM 1648 “Crew Effect Declaration”

These forms can be found enclosed to this newsletter for your guidance. The actual forms to be completed and submitted before Customs through Agents can be found in this link

As to the general rules, they can be classified en 5 categories:

  1. Submission of Store Lists and Crew Personal Effect Lists for cruise ships and cargo vessels
    The aforementioned vessels should submit, by duplicate, the forms OM 1645/OM 1646/OM 1647/OM 1648 as well as narcotics lists, weapon and ammunition list and “free shop” lists if deemed.

    Customs will not require further detailed information other than the one declared in the corresponding forms.

  1. Exceeding Goods
    In case that the declared goods that are considered, in the judgment of the customs officer, exceeding for its reasonable consumption of the vessel, crew or passengers, Customs will order its storage onboard in a suitable place for its safety and inviolability, with Customs sealing until vessel’s departure. This situation shall be duly informed in the Manifest. Prior to departure, Customs shall be duly informed so as to verify the re-exportation of the goods.
  1. Spare or Vessel Parts not declared in the original Store List
    In cases in which is absolutely necessary to bring into Customs territory any device or spare/part of the vessel for its reparation and which is not declared in the Form OM 1647, then the item should be declared with Form OM 1247/A “Particular Requirement” as set forth in Resolution N° 5.110/80 (ANA).
  1. Crew Personal Effects List
    The information of the crew personal effects shall be integrated only stating the total quantities of the times in Form OM1648.

    Those crewmembers of the am vessels disembarking temporarily or definitely shall complete Form OM 1648 declaring the totality of their personal effects.

    In case a crewmember has to operate in another means of transport the crew effect declaration can be transferred prior authorization by and under control of customs.

  1. Store and Crew Effect Lists submitted when calling more than one Argentinean Port
    The Manifest submitted in the first Argentinean port of call shall be transferred to the next Argentinean port of call in the customary form until the electronic transference proceeding is developed.

    In the subsequent ports it shall be added any complementary information and only of those items which have suffered any modification since the first Manifest submitted.

Hopefully, these new guidelines will help improve and simplify the customs demands when entering our territory and ensure the vessel’s smooth stay at Argentinean ports.

Nevertheless, we still would like to encourage Members/Master/Crew to pay attention to the following key points to be on the safe side:

  1. 1. PAINTS & THINNER in liters must be declared; also ALL CHEMICALS on board (including SOEP) i.e chemicals for holds cleaning, engine maintenance, oil spillage, grease, etc). These items will be inspected by counting can-by-can;
  2. BUNKERS (fuel oil, diesel oil, lube oil and all OILS IN USE. Such as MAIN ENGINE SUMP TANK, STEERING OIL, HYDRAULIC OIL. These items will be inspected by measuring the corresponding tanks and drums even those which are half empty will be measured);
  3. ELECTRONICS, ALL appliances (vessel’s and personal effects) must be declared, e.g. tv sets, computers, tablets, fax machines, photocopy machines video tape players, microwaves, DVD’s players, binoculars, cell phones, washing machines, printers, etc);
  4. CIGARETTES (in units) & SPIRITS (in liters);
  5. SPARE PARTS from engine (engine inventory) and deck (deck inventory) i.e. pistons, propeller, anchor chain, ball bearings, hoses, welding & cutting equipments, tools, ropes, wire ropes, etc. It is also advisable to differentiate them in “used” and “new”;
  6. Drugs, ammunition, firearms, anti-piracy sets;
  7. All consumables kept in the forecastle;
  8. Bonded stores;
  9. Food/Beverages;
  10. Medical and Hospital items.

The aforementioned is inclusive but not limited to the listed items. Please bear in mind that ALL items on board must be declared.

Other recommendations when issuing declarations:

-To pay special attention to the above mentioned items in bold, specially items from 1 to 5;

-To not index the declaration with the total amounts/quantities of the declared products e.g. Lube Oil. Only declare the name/number of the tank and its respective liters;

-To not sign the declaration until it has been corroborated with Deck Officers and Engineers;

-To not deliver incomplete or partial copies/drafts to anyone, including Agents;

-To always keep a copy of the definitive Store List on board;

-To make sure that there are no papers/pages with annotations attached to it; it is preferable to number the store list pages;

-In the case of lubricants in use, if possible to clarify whether the measurements were taken with engines running or stopped; also to take said measurements upon arrival at the first port where you will be granted inwards clearance before declaring the quantities.