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Experimental and temporary regulation regarding Under Keel Safety Clearance.

Rough translation:
Letter issued by Mr Martin Pablo Ruiz
Directo of the Navigation Safety Department.

During meetings held with representatives of the Sub Secretary of Ports, Waterways and Merchant Marine and the Ministry of Security, it was analyzed a proposal by the Maritime and Port Activity Chamber of Rosario City which set forth the possibility of minimizing or preventing delays to vessels with draught higher than 10.50m which should pass critical channels in its navigation causing an increase in the operative costs.

In view of this, and with the aim of minimizing said costs, by promoting foreign commerce, it was set forth the criteria that, any vessel with draught higher than 10.50m which has adapted its cargo based on any valid determiner, it shall be allowed to navigate up to KM 232 of Paraná River, absorbing in its safety margin (set forth in Disposition SNAV) the potential arising hydrological variables as long as it does not surpass SIX (6) centimeters, ensuring at all times that the safety margin under the keel (UKS) is at least 0.60 m.

This disposition shall be applicable for the section from Timbúes to San Pedro, only for downriver navigating vessels that departed under the aforementioned conditions.

It is required that the Shore Stations transmit at the time of passing through that the vessel adopts the minimum speed compatible with the good govern, regulating the passage of said vessels through said sections.

This directive shall be experimental for THIRTY (30) working days as from this date, having the Jurisdictional Departments to duly inform 7 days before its finalization, via Area Coastguard, the gathered experience.