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Argentina closes borders for non-residents.

Argentina on March 15 announced it was closing its borders to all incoming foreigners for at least two weeks. The ban does not apply to legal permanent residents. The decision to ban most foreigners came days after Argentina announced it would halt all flights from the United States and Europe starting on March 16. Public and private school classes are also suspended until March 31.

The National Executive Power, by Necessity and Urgency Decree (DNU) DECNU-2020-274-APM-PTE published in the Official Bulletin and becoming in force on March 16th, 2020, established the prohibition of entering the national territory for a period of FIFTEEN (15) running days to foreign people non-resident in the country, through ports, airports, international border crossings and any other point of access. This period shall be expanded or reduced by the Department of Domestic Affairs, the prior intervention of the national public health authority, according to the epidemiological situation.

Moreover, based on the need to allow the normal provision of essential supplies in our national territory, the rule exempts from the prohibition of entry and compliance with the mandatory isolation all those people that shall be affected to the transfer of goods by international trade operations of freight transport, by air, land, sea, rivers and lake means; carriers and vessels’ and airplanes’ crews; and people affected to the operation of health flights and moving.