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COVID19: Argentinean Ports Current Status

On March 19th we have received information that several Upriver Ports announced their preventive closing. This decision follows the closing of national borders which came days after Argentina announced it would halt all flights from the United States and Europe and restrict the entrance of foreigners. Public and private school classes are still suspended until March 31.

The mayor of Timbúes city, one of the most important Upriver Ports areas, ordered the closing of all activities, including the ports. Then, following terminals are only operating with the vessels’ currently alongside but will not allow any further berthing:
• Renova
• LDC Argentina – Timbúes
• Cofco Agri Timbúes
• AGD Timbúes
Announcement to shut down activity by City Major is in force to stop as from March 20th at 0000, including truck entrance to City and Port Terminals

Moreover, stevedore unions at Necochea port are causing some delays to vessels operations refusing to work on vessels without a quarantine period of 14 days and refusing to attend their job sites.

The rest of the Ports and Terminals operating normally so far.

In view of this scenario, we strongly suggest that Masters consult with their local agents in order to be informed of any events of the sort.