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COVID19 – Argentina: Sanitary Measures for Incoming Vessels

On March 30th, National Borders Sanitary Authorities informed that due to the pandemia declared worldwide of the COVID-19, all vessels coming from affected areas shall be sanitized by crew onboard and fumigated by a company duly authorized by the National Health Ministry.

All measures adopted on those vessels coming from affected areas shall be registered in the observations within the Free Platique ensuring thus its compliance.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned authorities orders, we have been informed that Maritime Unions have refused to grant service to those vessels coming from affected areas with less than 14 days voyages, considering this period of time the minimum quarantine to ensure vessels are COVID-19 free.

Thus, some delays have been registered due to Unions pressure for vessels’ to comply with a 14 day quarantine.

We shall continue monitoring the new regulations on the COVID-19 pandemia and their implementation.