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New Speed Limit Between KM 406 and 435 of Río Paraná

Due to the extraordinary ebb that Río Paraná has been experiencing, the Paraná Coast Guard establishes that, due to safety navigation reasons, vessels shall navigate cautiously and reduce speed to the minimum suitable for good government when there are other vessels moored, maneuvering or operating near berths, port terminals or river areas in order to avoid damages both to vessels and facilities.

Also, Coast Guard considers necessary to set a speed limit, based on practical reasons, to save crew life and prevent risks on the water way. This speed limit will be of NINE (09) KNOTS and it will be valid, since October 26th 2020, for a term of NINTEY (90) DAYS, or until the ebb ceases, for all types of vessels that navigate within km 406 and 435 of Río Paraná.

Such limit could only vary on exceptional cases when the Captain or the Pilot believe it is necessary due to safety navigation reasons. This situation must be informed to the Traffic Control Center of the correspondent jurisdiction.