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Provision from Zarate Prefecture establishes a speed regulation for navigation in the Talavera Passage

According to DISFC-2022-6-APN-ZARA#PNA, issued by the Zarate Prefecture, as an experimental resource, for a period of a hundred and eighty (180) days starting on the 22nd day of the current month, a maximum speed of TEN (10) knots has been permitted for every type of vessel that navigate in between the kilometres 181 and 205 of the Talavera Passage River.

The maximum speed previously indicated can vary, as an exception, when the captain and/or pilot consider it necessary for reasons of safe navigation, having to communicate immediately this decision to the Zarate Traffic Control Centre.

Furthermore, it is indicated to decrease the velocity to the minimum compatible, with a good governance and manoeuvrability, between Km. 183.6 and Km. 186, as long as there are barges at the berths provided in that area.