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Maximum speed limit for vessels in the area between Km. 406 and 435 of the Parana River

The Lower Paraná River Coast Guard has temporarily and experimentally established new maximum speed limits in the area between kilometers 406 and 435 of the Parana River.

It repeals the previous similar provision (DI-2021-3-APN-PZBP#PNA) and it establishes a maximum speed of 10 knots in downstream navigation and 9 knots upstream for the aforementioned area, with a tolerance margin of 6%, when the height of the river shall be equal to or higher than 0.70 m in the port of Rosario. If the height is lower, the maximum speed should be 9 knots in both directions, with a tolerance of 6%.

Such limits may only be exceeded as an exception, when the Captain or Pilot shall deem it necessary for strict reasons of ‘Navigation Safety’, a situation that must be informed by the Pilot to the “ROSARIO TRAFFIC CONTROL CENTER”.

Moreover, vessels shall navigate cautiously, reducing speed to the minimum compatible with the good management of the vessel, whenever there shall be other vessels or boats moored, maneuvering or in lighting operations, near docks, port terminals, lighters berths or areas of the river that shall require it.

This Provision has entered into force as of today, March 14th, and for a term of one hundred and twenty (120) days.