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Speed limit between km. 406 and 435 of the Parana River

The Prefecture from the Parana Lower Section, through the provision DISFC-2022-118-APM-PZBP#PNA, established new speed limits between km. 406 and 435 of the Parana River on a transitory and experimental approach.

It was established for the beforementioned stretch a speed limit of 10 knots navigating downriver and 9 knots upriver, with a tolerance level of 6%, when the height of the river is equal or over 0.70 m on the Rosario port. If the height is lower, the speed limit will be of 9 knots both ways, with a tolerance level of 6%.

Said limits may be exceeded only as an exception, when the Captain or Pilot considers it necessary for strict reasons of ‘Navigation Safety’. The situation must be communicated by the Pilot and/or Pilot Officer to the “ROSARIO TRAFFIC CONTROL CENTER”.

Moreover, it is also indicated to navigate with caution, reducing speed at the minimum compatible with good governance, whenever vessels or crafts are moored, manoeuvring or engaged in cargo handling operations, in the proximity of docks, port terminals, barge moorings or in river sections that so require.

The provision will be in effect as of this date for a period of a hundred and twenty (120) days.