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New Procedure for Holds Inspection

By Resolution RESOL-2020-861-APN-PRES#SENASA, the National Health and Agrifood Quality Service [SENASA by its Spanish acronym] adds to Resolution No 693/17 the “Supervision procedure of the Control System of Capability of Loading of Holds and Tanks of Vessels and Barges for the export of grains, their

New Speed Limit Between KM 406 and 435 of Río Paraná

Due to the extraordinary ebb that Río Paraná has been experiencing, the Paraná Coast Guard establishes that, due to safety navigation reasons, vessels shall navigate cautiously and reduce speed to the minimum suitable for good government when there are other vessels moored, maneuvering or operating

Argentina suspends the limitation on the use of open loops scrubbers

Despite having forbidden –on August 10th, 2020 through Provision DISFC-2020-15-APN-DPMA#PNA– the discharge of washing waters from the scrubbers to waters of national jurisdiction, today the Argentine Directorate for Environmental Protection suspends this restriction. The cause of this suspension is the quarantine established in the country

Coast Guard limits the use of open loop scrubbers

Since the system of discharging washing waters of scrubbers is being studied by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in order to get information about their effects on the environment and avoid an irreversible damage on the marine ecosystem, the Directorate for Environmental Protection of the