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Crew changes

Through the DECAD-2021-1090-APN-JGM, published on November 6th, the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers established the following measurements related to crew changes.

The crew replacement from international vessels, composed by foreigners, will be able to be executed through a transport different from the one assigned for takeover, only if they have a vaccination certificate given 14 days prior to entering national territory and have fulfil the migratory and sanitary requirements of such transport given for non-resident foreigners who are over 18 years old. Moreover, the foreign crew members who disembark on the country for the takeover must comply with the declarations of maritime health and those required by the National Directorate of Migrations.

Along these lines, foreigners who do not possess the complete scheme of vaccination must quarantine on land, in a location provided and supervised by the maritime agency involved, and get a PCR test on the seventh day, while the national crew members, or those who reside in the country, will be able to go into lockdown in their own homes.

Lastly, it should be noted that such crew replacement will only be executed by the insurance brokers who are qualified for entrance on national territory according to what has been established by the Administrative Decision N°951/21 and its amendments.